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There are many ways individuals support the Mahasangh. Aside from our 12 full time grass roots workers, who are active 24/7 in their respective communities, we have a network of hundreds of local volunteers spread over Jashpur district.  Every volunteer has something unique to offer.

In order to most fully empower this mass support network, AMMS conducts dozens of trainings every year.  Often organizations or committed individuals who share our vision will come from across the state or country and collaborate with us in trainings or workshops.  In the past we’ve held trainings on citizen reporting, forest rights act (2006) implementation, women’s education, and indigenous agriculture and seed saving, among many many others (See our home page for more updates and details on these trainings). 

If you or your organization wishes to conduct or volunteer in a training/conference/workshop, drop us a line so we can discuss your ideas with the Mahasangh.

All of our financial donations come from individuals or organizations who believe in the causes we are fighting for. We are selective as to who we take contributions from, so that we can maintain a degree of freedom in our work and long term vision.  If you would like to  support us financially please send us a proposal about in what capacity you would like to contribute.

We also welcome proposals from journalists, reporters, artists, poets, who wish to support, publicize and contribute to the movement. To get involved in any of these capacities, or if you have a new idea, drop us a line at adivasi.mahila.mahasangh at gmail dot com.

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